Coronavirus Diary

Living in Darkness

21 June 2020
No matter how dark the night may be, in the morning the sun always rises.

If you feel you’re struggling in darkness, the God who made the heavens and earth and everything in them wants to bring His light and His love into your life.

Stand up to Injustice

7 June 2020
Black Lives Matter because they matter to God. Because they are made in His image. Because they have endured centuries of injustice and oppression.

The Bible says we should learn to do what is right, to actively seek justice and defend the oppressed.

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Pentecost Special

31 May 2020
What the Bible has to say about the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the first-ever Christian sermon, followed by awesome praise and worship from Midlands-based band Heavens Mutambira.

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Where Does God Live?

23 May 2020
In his week’s lockdown videocast Pastor Nick looks at what the Bible has to tell us about the age-old question – and what it means for us in the here and now.

Deep Cleansing Action

17 May 2020
Pastor Nick talks about ‘confessing our mess ups’ this week and is also joined by a friend from Florida USA.

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A Blessing For All

10 May 2020
Blessings are not just something we receive. We can also seek a blessing, asking God through prayer for divine favour and protection.

This week’s videocast has a compilation of song from all around the country, plus some reflections by Pastor Nick, all on the theme of blessing.

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Do Everything With Love

3 May 2020
What’s love got to do with it? Quite a lot, as it happens. Pastor Nick delves into what real love looks like and where it comes from.

Followed by music from our old friends and favourite band, WithLove from Baltimore USA. 

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Spiritual Nourishment

25 April 2020
In this week’s videocast Pastor Nick unzips a banana and finds rich food for thought.

For afters he is joined by musician Matilda Ugand from Sweden with a song written by a friend. 

Matters of the Heart

18 April 2020
In this week’s videocast Pastor Nick reflects on extended lockdown and the parable of the sower, followed by a beautiful song of worship from friends in Sweden.

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Easter Thanksgiving

10 April 2020
These days we may be forced to practise self isolation and social distancing, but we can still join together in spirit.
So this Easter weekend we celebrate the most important festival in the Christian year with not one but two videocasts – and both have a powerful transatlantic connection!

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Good Friday worship with our inspirational sister Lauren Jenkins from the US band WithLove, who were with us last summer for our 60th anniversary celebrations.

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Our dear friends Steve and Tami Harrington make a welcome return by videolink with a reminder of the true meaning of Easter, followed by a virtual Easter Communion service led by Pastor Nick.

A world turned upside down

3 April 2020
A few short weeks – and suddenly everything has been turned on its head. This week’s videocast has a word in season from Pastor Nick, then our great good friends Paul and Charis Baker Emerson from Southwest Bible Church in Austin, Texas, lead us in worship for Palm Sunday.

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Where can I go from your Spirit?

31 March 2020
In the second of our weekly videocasts, Pastor Nick looks at Psalm 139, verses 7-12.

We will be uploading a new video each Friday afternoon/evening.

26 March 2020
We want to invite as many people as possible to light a candle outside their house or in a window on Sunday evening as a symbol of hope that this virus will end very soon, and as a prayer for those affected.

Let's Stay Connected

22 March 2020
Thanks to coronavirus we may not be able to meet together as a church family for now. But that doesn’t stop us staying connected – online, by phone and through prayer.

In place of Sunday Worship, each week we will be posting a videocast on our YouTube channel. You can also join our Friday prayer meeting (9-10am) online via the Zoom conferencing app.  Go to and enter the Meeting ID code 667 634 181

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In the first of our weekly videocasts, Pastor Nick offers some thoughts on caring for our neighbours and keeping in touch with God.

Coronavirus: A Message from Pastor Nick

19 March 2020
Due to the coronavirus epidemic we have decided to follow government and denominational advice and close all church meetings, services and group activities with immediate effect.

This closure will last for the foreseeable future, but once we have been advised that it is safe to do so, we will re-open and continue our regular activities as before.

However, this does not mean that the church is closing down completely. Sunday services will be replaced by a video podcast which you can watch on the church’s YouTube channel each Sunday morning. If you know someone without internet access, we can provide them with a DVD. Just get in touch.

Prayer meetings, Bible studies and other church meetings will continue to happen over the internet, but our coffee mornings and regular hirer activities are all suspended, and we are not accepting any new hall hire bookings at the moment. However, emails and telephone calls will continue to be answered as normal, and I and the pastoral team will continue to stay in contact with people in the community by telephone or online.

This is a worrying and uncertain time for everyone and it is easy to find ourselves swept along by the mood of panic. I am reminded of the story about Jesus, fast asleep out at sea in a boat with his friends. An enormous storm suddenly appeared, threatening to sink the boat and drown them all. Jesus’ terrified friends wake him up, crying “We’re going to die, please do something!” The story ends with Jesus calmly standing up and commanding the wind and the waves: “Be still.”

I can’t help thinking that right now people all over the world are feeling the same as the disciples in the boat. Though it feels scary and uncertain, we can take comfort from this story because just as Jesus calmed the storm when his friends called out to him, Jesus also wants to calm the fear that many of us are feeling right now. All he is waiting for is for us to call on him just like his friends did. They didn’t offer a well rehearsed, beautifully crafted prayer. Their cry was simple, raw and straight from the heart. Our prayers need only be the same!

My prayer is that you all stay safe and well during this challenging time. Please call or message me if you become unwell so we can pray for you and help in any way we can. If you can’t get out to the shops, or are struggling to get by in other ways, please get in touch. I know lots of great and caring people in our community who are ready and willing to help anyone in need.

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