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Thursday Tea 2nd Birthday


Thursday Tea is a fortnightly community meal that invites anyone and everyone from the community to come together to share a delicious meal. It follows a different theme each time. One time we could be having curry night and the next we could be eating pub grub. During the year we have special evenings to mix things up a bit, such as a Quiz Night or joining in The Great Get Together national initiative.

Thursday Tea attracts a diverse crowd from different nationalities and religious backgrounds. This means a variety of medical, lifestyle and religious dietary requirements which we do our best to meet. Diet should never be a barrier to people getting together.

A core value of Thursday Tea is that we encourage anyone who can to bring food to the table. This community meal is not wholly sponsored by the church and is heavily reliant people bringing food to share and eat together with other members of the community.

Great Get Together 2017

When and Where?

From 6-8pm every other Thursday at Old Lodge Lane Baptist Church, Purley, Reedham Park Avenue, CR8 4BQ.



We believe that God welcomes all people. We want to do the same, and food is a great way of demonstrating this.

We believe that when people feel they belong to something they are far more likely to believe in the core values that drive it.

We believe that the Bible shows us that the early church operated in a very different way than we do today. They spent lots of time eating together, chatting, learning from and serving one another and praying. Many people these days have become disillusioned with our historically religious models of church and often consider them irrelevant to their daily lives.

We know the message of Jesus is never irrelevant or outdated, so we have chosen to try and create a place where everyone can come to follow Jesus. Although it may not look like it, Thursday Tea is church!

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Pastor: Nick Graves
Old Lodge Lane Baptist Church
Reedham Park Avenue
Purley, Surrey CR8 4BQ
020 8668 6260